JSCA “No Ends” (Alien Passenger)

7deep15me abstract noise compositions. Let me be clear: there is a place for them in the world. However, I listened to JSCA’s attempt at them and didn’t like it. So many things about it just weren’t to my liking. But I always try to respect the artist and don’t want to give a harsh review. So instead, here is how I would discuss “No Ends” with someone if I were a character in a Dr. Seuss book.

Do you like dreary synths and repetitive bass? 
I do not like dreary synths and repetitive bass.
Would you like them on the go?
I listened in my room, so I wouldn’t know.
Could you like them on the moon?
The music is boringly try hard, I’d be asleep just as soon.
How about while tipping a cow?
Both the tape and such dastardly activity I disavow.
My good fellow, have you no appreciation for the sinister drone?
After hearing what JSCA did with it I’d rather choke to death on a scone.
What could make it more to your liking?
Strike some life into it or just strike me with lightning!

-- Roy Blumenfeld