(Deathbomb Arc Records)

Andre Gainey and John Harrison are part of a change in hip hop that has been manifesting itself since the late 2000s. The era of blog rap has given rise to weirdos and softies that previously were disenfranchised or forced to make dance songs if they had any hope of achieving traction at all. That is no longer the case. There is a great divide among hip hop heads as to whether or not this change is good or not. It serves as a perfect commentary for the duo fitting into this larger tug of war naming themselves They Hate Change.  

Cycles is a concept album about growing up. Transitioning into adulthood is no fun. Instead of treating the process like a couple of Peter Pans, They Hate Change tackle the emotional upheaval head on. For people currently in this phase (like myself) or people who have long since exited it but want a look back, this album is worth a listen. Stream + buy links posted below.

-- Roy Blumenfeld