VARIOUS ARTISTS "L'incoronazione" (Hyster Tapes)

Hyster Tapes brings forth this e.p. length compilation offering of electronic wizardry.
Opening and closing with untitled cuts by Dear Beloved Henry, my interest wandered a bit while DBH screeched through several minutes of nails-to-chalkboard audio trickery. Debt Of Nature follows with nearly eight minutes of more listenable tonal landscaping. R.S.T., Grey Park and Autumn Appreciation Society fill in the remaining space with creative but not quite captivating offerings before Dear Beloved Henry come to bat to round things off.

All said, this is a listenable but not necessarily inspiring offering. The compilation nature of the album with multiple artists does tend to break up the sameness of many single artist tapes in the genre. This format is to be encouraged when presenting relative unknowns into the spotlight. Plus marks for concept.

The tape comes with a black and white homemade j-card insert contains artists, track names and times. This is housed in a standard Norelco plastic case. The only label info is catalogue number and year of release (2015).

-- Bob Zilli