SSELLF “Ssellf” (Become Eternal)

Sself’s ssellf-titled album is the latest addition to Auckland, New Zeeland based artist Christopher El Truento’s discography. By putting it out under a moniker as opposed to using his own name again, Truento has taken a chance to do things differently. Perhaps he decided to be ssellf indulgent? Fans of his past work might start off surprised by hearing vocals. But things return to typical form of experimental compositions that already make up his discography as the tape progresses.

I don’t think this music was meant for me and I don’t think it was meant for anyone other than Truento. Sometimes an artist’s best work can come as a result of making a product which is what only they want to hear.  Through embracing himself as SSELLF, Truento has given listeners a tape with two sides of interesting music to take in. Give it a try for yourself on the link below.      

--Roy Blumenfeld