SKELETON WASTER (self released)

This should be simple enough. The tape, housed in a typical Norelco case with black and white copier printed j-card with no information whatsoever, save for the title. Or is it the artist? Or the label. Hmmm.. The tapes opens with the combined instrumental howling of feedback and surf guitar. Interesting enough, but only lasts about two minutes.

What? Side one is done. The deck clicks and the tape stops. OK, I'll see what side two holds for me. The tape itself is void of any marking. Here we go, programmed pops and clicks meld into frantic punk guitar. Oh, now add vocals to that. More synth and clicks and a muted voice. I'm confided, bewildered...but intrigued. Of course, this doesn't hold my interest long because it doesn't last very long. Who or what is going on here? I hesitate to refer to this as a song, so I'll say this track ...just stopped abruptly. There it goes, it's back. Nope, over again. Deck clicks.

That's Skeleton Waster for ya. Pure art, part experimental, part cheesy electronica with a dash of surf and punk for good measure.

If you're the least bit intrigued (I am)- I can't help you. No credits, no label, no contact info-there you have it!

-Bob Zilli