“Fuck With Fire” (Maximum Pelt Records)

Some places just have all the right factors to become a fertile ground for a certain sound. Those of us with an affinity for this type of music know Memphis’s place in history. Thanks to the likes of Jay Reatard, Greg Cartwright, and the garage rock institution that is Goner Records, fuzzed out guitar music and Memphis are basically synonymous.

The present day scene seems ripe with bands who emulate their past icons.  That’s where Modern Convenience comes in. Mike Bibbs (also known as Mikey Chaos/Mikey B) enlists others to play live with him but handled everything except for the drums on the tape. However, they sound less like an Oblivians tribute band than some of their peers. While the influences of their hometown are certainly prevalent, it’s clear other things like 50s Chuck Berry era rock and emotional angst were tapped into enough to keep things interesting.

When determining if you should give the tape a try or not it basically comes down to this: do you want to have fun or not? Either crack open a beer and turn up the volume as “Count On” plays or get out now. The choice is yours.

-- Roy Blumenfeld