“Where Do You Think We Should Live”

New York-at-night music by nature reeks of escapism, defeatism, helplessness, but also hope and an unimaginable wonder of and insight into a place that’s unreachable for those who haven’t lived there. (Full disclosure – I have not lived in New York. But I have lived in London, for whatever that’s worth.) Urban young adulthood is well served by Eamon Fogarty, as he brings a mix of ennui and longing reserved for likeminded artists such as Kal Marks, 764-Hero, Hayden, and even Simon & Garfunkel. Solo pieces are offset by full-band jaunts, and Fogarty excels at both. Where Do You Think We Should Live? is a snapshot in time, a cathartic Inside Eamon Fogarty set to the warm hiss of a tape-deck speaker, a question important enough to be asked by artists facing eviction from their apartments by greedy developers ignorant of the term “rent control.” In fact, Fogarty, guitar case slung over his shoulder, would likely be just as willing to share a beer and a couch between gigs if that’s how it had to go. I’d buy him a beer anyway. I get it.

--Ryan Masteller