"Caudata" C36

There are HARP-ists and there are HeARtstringPull-ists…

This shitty pun may seem too much a stretch, but I’m too humbled to attempt a less fawning summation of this brilliant, emotional rollercoaster of a Composition. Capital “C” here. kämpəˈziSH(ə)n/. What I wouldn’t give to see the drafts/blueprints that led up to this schizophrenic mindfuck.

For background, I really enjoy listening to guitar-based drone and harsh noise. I love listening for minimal poses framed with and against other minimal poses and expertly plotted stretches of consonance v. dissonance and the worlds within worlds that they promote.

…but Jaysus Ayche Kay-Riced! How often do you get to hear all of these qualities achieved consistently AND economically condensed into a near half-hour chunk?!

Do yourself a favor and carve out 40 minutes of your day to give this a thorough, eyeswideshut, uninterrupted listen. Just a head’s up, there’s a 6 minute stretch near the beginning that the squeamish might want to turn the volume slightly down on, during the first run through…. but smoothly uneasy sailing from there on out; You’ll Know when it starts! <3


-- Jacob An Kittenplan