"Oil Wave Surfers II" (C/Site Recordings)

This tape is weird. What initially drew me in was the fantastic artwork, with it's halfway psychedelic comic book fonts and globby collaged face. Apparently recorded 100% analog in 2006 and released in 2016, with a big old mountain of 15 unnamed songs. Side A opens with a synthy repetative medatation that evolves into a sort of shoegazey jam. It rolls along into the next song, setting the tone for the rest of the album with surfy garage frolicks, psychedelic noises and guitar feedback squiggles.

Oil wave Surfers employ some incredible sonic variations, without ever really leaving the comfort zone of fuzzed out surf lo-fi psychedelia. It leaves me guessing what the hell this band is even about; if I've got the idea right or not, and vitrually no online info helps in any way, although it makes me want to hear more from them...maybe to see what's even going on, maybe because they've made me an unwitting fan. Perfect drive-to-nowhere-forever music. Perfect sticky-summer soundtrack. A solid lo-fi hi-five.

-- Jon Carper