"Dark Sun Sets Circle"
(Illuminated Paths)

Most people I know don't really like drone music, for one very outstanding, and overall pretty accurate reason; it's usually pretty dull and you have to be in the mood for it, which in most cases isn't too often. Synth based drone or computer generated sine waves can only go so far before __________. Seeing a live drone band is usually hard because the artist looks like they're having a worse time than anyone else there. Everyone's been through it. It's tough.

The Electric Nature offer something else in the drone side of things though. They are able to walk that defining line between messy free-psych and almost unbearably long passages of time while making it engaging for the listener. Or, in the very least, an interesting backround for slow, burnt-out hang zone nights. Ranging from the slow churning guitar gurgles and sustained vocal notes to wild jangling guitar and frantic noisy scraping with drums and even what sounds like a sampler, but could be a yamaha keyboard on some weird setting. 

I think what overall works the most is that this is a whole band, which is way more interesting than watching some dude with a laptop and a slow phaser. Everyone is bringing in a little contribution to one big cluster, everyone a big brick in this patchy wall of noise. As an added bonus, the tape came with all sorts of random goodies: a pog, a little BIC lighter price sticker from a Speedway, and on the inside were some good Ghostbusters and palm tree stamps.

-- Jon Carper