“Prime Example” C9 (OSR Tapes)

During the great war, battle champion Pattern Is Zappa faced the mighty Dianogah, whose eye was its great weakness, and a few blaster shots would surely take care of it. Sadly, with a shadow of an empire looming, both Zappa and Dianogah proved to be one another’s demise, and the nearby planets shook from the reverberations of the catastrophe. I witnessed the struggle up close, and made it out alive. My trigger finger hasn’t been the same since.

Hellier Ulysses, a four-headed space creature from a nearby galaxy, has taken up the mantle of battle champion. Hooray for freedom! Because of its headedness, it moves in various and hypnotic ways, methodical and exotically elegant. It can start and stop on a dime, and the sounds it emits must be captured, rearranged, and rebroadcast by the most sophisticated audio equipment. The result is musical in nature, jittery bursts of economic energy use that puncture human ear canals with precision. There is no communication wasted. Hellier Ulysses has seven things to say, and it says them in nine minutes.

Because of the brevity with which Hellier Ulysses operates, I tried to race its transmission of Prime Example and write this review before the nine minutes expired. Unfortunately, HU packs way more into brief tunes than I can keep up with, pretty much proving right Einstein’s theory of relativity: the denser one’s musicality is, the faster it seems to go. Or something like that. I had to listen to this multiple times to get a clearer understanding of what was at stake. Give the four heads comprising this being a couple of releases before the music starts going back in time. Maybe then we can all lay down our blasters and live in harmony.

--Ryan Masteller