(Urgent Telepathy Recordings)

This split tape begins with a short mellotron intro that leads into an oral discourse that alternates with unearthly synth noise, but remains intriguing in spite of how unlikely that sounds. The narrator, as best as I can figure, is elaborating on some secret government mind control  program. Then, again, we have static synth fused with melodic mellotron flirtations.

The track, "Limited Hangout" comprises the whole of side one. The revealing voice continues as he elaborates on terror techniques implemented by the U.S. at Guantanamo Bay.  The see-saw between voice and electronics continues with not too much of either at any one time. Though this goes on for fifteen minutes, it remains compelling and clearly mASScOMM have achieved the near impossible combining these elements into a highly listenable piece that is both entertaining and, dare I say, informative. High marks for side A.

Side B again is but one track, entitled "Seeking Safety" from an artist calling themselves (himself? Herself?) +DOG+. Immediately you feel tension as a distorted cloud of sound builds finally, after an extended time, leveling into a continuous barrage of multi-level oscillation. Just, after several minutes of this, as you begin to lose interest; subtle intrusions of sound enter the sphere while all the while maintaining the dominant turbulence that has been ongoing. While not the near masterpiece that side A is, this track is nonetheless a brilliant fusing of sustained distortion and underlying interplay. +DOG+ clearly has a sense of theater and I find the casual dynamics both intriguing and engaging.

In sum, this is an excellent tape. Both artists bring it to the table and deliver from start to finish.
It would be advisable for fans of the genre to keep a close eye on this label and, in particular, these two artists.

The tape is packaged in a standard plastic Norelco style case with a color insert that is quite nicely done by OktoMedia. I look forward to more from both contributors in the future.

-Bob Zilli