(Sacred Phrases)

The mysterious German Army are back at it again! And again, and again, and again. I have never experienced such a "young" band putting out so much material in such a short time, ever. 60 + releases since 2011, SIXTY PLUS. In fact I am going to start my own record book and have them be the first inductees, I will call it the "Guinness Book of Holy Shit How Do You Have That Many Releases." Good? Good. Glad we cleared that up.

German Army are a band of many colors, er, genres, and thats ok, it works for them. Yanomami opens up with what sounds like Henry Rollins spoken word on acid ("Serve In Aramaic"). All you need to do is add some drone in the background, add some industrial style drums, and it just gets more complex from there.

There are many different styles throughout Yanomami: obviously there is a heavy industrial influence, sometimes even a Ministry influence, but only in the sense of the time Al Jourgensen gave a chicken acid and let it set the levels for a recording session (let's say for "Stigmata" because why not). You have the "synthesized" joy of newer Liars albums sounding eerily similar (in chords and literal eeriness), and honestly I'm grateful for that, there is not enough music that makes me uncomfortable and content at the same time.

-- Evan Masteller