MATTHEW BARLOW "Hatha" (Inner Islands)

"Hatha" is a truly concrete summation of a Matthew Barlow album. I use the term concrete with a clear juxtaposition to the actual audio on the tape, though. It is concrete in idea and execution and perfectly encapsulates the moods of the side titles: Sun and Moon. Sun is loaded with woodwinds, birds, babbling brooks, plucked strings and atmospheric synths. It is maximized meditation tailored for experiencing the shining edges of autumn while posted near a cool, misty spring. The general ode to all things warm, native and optimistic is cast in earthen tones with integrity.

Side B, or Moon, is a reflection of side A. It feels as if we are near the same misty spring on a crisp autumn evening. Crickets accompany the babbling brook on this side and the composition is a bit more skeptical, cautious. Still an homage to the beauty of the night by capturing the unknown with silver lined synth movements, slow winds, and drifting notes that disappear and reappear like fireflies under the starlight.

LIYL: Matthewdavid's Mindflight, Ariel Kalma, literally being outside in nature

--Joseph Morris