Various Artists

Now this is a nice package. Simply housed in a Norelco style case with J-card insert, the artwork is so engaging it attracts your attention immediately. Lots of info here, as you have sixteen tracks by as many participants but they manage to get it all in and an interesting couple paragraphs about the project itself to boot.

Right out of the box we have C Vadi doing an extremely interesting drone-like version of George's Michael's "Careless Whisper." Jackknife Barlow oil lows with the earthy or maybe unearthly Kenny G tune "Songbird." Never a fan of the latter, this is without a doubt the most interesting version of any of his music I have ever heard.

Suitable versions of songs better known by the likes if Amy Grant, 10CC, The Commodores, Chicago, Billy Joel, Lionel Richie and more expand on the promise and deliver fresh, innovative perspectives to songs that I, frankly, never needed to hear again in their original form.

It's hard to pick a favorite, the whole collection shines from start to finish. Did I mention this is the brainchild of Todd Rundgren and two of his songs are represented here as well as him being the author of the liner notes,.

Apparently this is volume two in a series and it is noted that you can listen to these collections in their entirety at

-- Bob Zilli