"Lucky O.S.T." C90
(Mirror World Music)

Fuchs & Beckett are two fuzzy-synth/subtle, drum machine-wielding Germans who were called upon to soundtrack a psychedelic Pony-With-A-Past illustrated short film…and hot-dhaaamn did they deliver! 27 instru-capital-M-mental-mood/vignettes are aired out here to decay and fold in upon themselves in the light of day, independent of aforementioned visuals, at times recalling the stoic Disintegration-Loops school of paced collapse, at others bridging the gap between ambient drone and sleepwalk/dance party. As an added bonus, as if these li’l ditties weren’t ripe & ready enough for one’s own personal narration, they also come with that “Lucky” (weblink & password, via Vimeo) to ogle obsessively. So Rad!

password: LUCKY

You’ll never say “My Little Pony” with the same inflection, ever, ever again.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan