“Where is She?” C25
(What’s For Breakfast? Records)

I rarely fawn over pop-punkish bands, but Cosmic Halitosis (what a name!!!) is pretty goddamn drool-worthy. This three-piece is just as rhythmically dialed in as they are deft with dynamic interplay, their consistent change-ups never seeming to show up a single measure too late. The vocals (and lyrics) slide easily back and forth between self-consciously sonorous and grit-edged cathartic, with an easily relatable earnestness in self-deprecatory release.

If I had to pay an up & coming band to teach pop-punk songwriting to youngsters, this band would easily fit the bill. Think Fifteen-meets-Motley Crüe-meets-90s-No-Idea-Records-roster, but without a trace of pretentiousness or political sentiment to be sniffed. I really hope these folx get as big as they wanna, cz they seriously deserve it!


— Jacob An Kittenplan