NELEGAT “Intolerance” C40 (Amek Collective)

Nelegat’s take on deconstructed techno serves as a reminder to duck your head when being bombarded by digital shrapnel. That’s right, “Intolerance” is a granular study of electronic overload, the minute details piling on top of one another until they’ve overwhelmed you completely. It only takes a spark to ignite the mechanism, then BOOM! All that metallic debris just comes flying right at your face. Again, it’d behoove you to duck.

Or you could listen up when Nelegat’s commanding the room. The noise gets under your skin, eats away at your mind, riding strange waves of rhythm. It’s like a sick trance, one that’s not really going to put you to sleep but instead will make you suggestible to nefarious deeds. Nelegat is raising an army apparently, an army to clandestinely perform his dirty work for him. The trance is overwhelming, and I think I’m getting some ideas pumped into my cortex. What could it all mean?