CREEPING PINK “______” (self-released)

The damage was done so long ago. Creeping Pink just dusted off the reasons and laid them out there for all of us to observe, whether we like it or not. This is a barely titled cassette. What is it, “______”? That’s essentially nothing. I typed six underscores. I don’t know if I got the number right. But it doesn’t matter, these “numerous vignettes of American life” are six underscores toward understanding that we’re hanging by six underscores, ready to plunge into an abyss of our own making.

The damage was done so long ago, but Creeping Pink said “FUCK IT LET’S GO” and ripped a bunch of tunes out of the still-beating heart of America’s soon-to-be corpse. They sprinkled these tunes over several releases, but “______” is the most recent, and it’s a dooz. It’s like half-cocked Pavement noodles run through a Kinks ringer, and that’s before we even account for the synthesizer squirts. No, this is a band, a quartet, but don’t ignore the earnest quirk or the short tracks. Each piece is part of the equation, and melody is what ties it all together. This is hard to turn off, honestly. The nothing blooms into pagan ritual, and the sun rises on everybody. The sun always rises on everybody. Showing us off to ourselves and to everybody else. Then we live the vignettes.

Apple pie, baby. Apple pie.