PERPETUAL WEREWOLF "Enter the Mountain Gateway" (Tape Dad)

I can only imagine the plight of the Perpetual Werewolf. No one understands the constant hairiness, the uncontrollable drooling, the murderous rage, or the hunger. Oh god, the hunger. It's enough to make a human beg for death... or, at least to a cure for the curse. Let's go with "cure." We're not a macabre bunch here.

Perpetual Werewolf taps into that rage. Maybe not the other stuff (and hopefully not the "murderous" part). But on "Enter the Mountain Gateway," the trio is angry, and that translates into pretty loud. Which also translates into pretty ... fun? Yeah, fun. You heard me.

"I've Chosen Darkness" starts off the tape in what seems like a death metal direction, but that's a red herring. Perpetual Werewolf settles into a nice angular punk-metal groove after it, not unlike Unsane or some of the more abrasive AmRep bands. God knows there was a lot of blood on those Unsane covers. Maybe those were the crime scene photos following a werewolf attack.

Yikes, grisly.

Perpetual Werewolf is grisly and gnarly, and their throat-shredding vibe is perfect if you're looking for that kind of thing. Very well done. Now I'll go back to crunching this bone between my vast mandibles. (Oh, did I not mention? I'm the head werewolf.)