“Special Moments with Muckle Flugga & the Cronk” C27
(Sara Laughs)

While most of the Sara Laughs catalog boasts sound documentations of intense improv exorcisms, NYC’s Human Host keeps it minimal, introspective, and (relatively) relaxing. The preset keyboard tones HH wrings out are obscured from their saccharine settings by oodles and oodles of pedal tweakage, allowing the delayed arpeggios to climb and fall over themselves in fairly harmonious fashion or brush brusquely against one another’s chordal sum, in engaging moments of ruffled surface tensions. If someone said that the source material for these tapes was a caché of mildew-choked Stephen Halpern reel-to-reels, it would not be possible to reasonably dismiss them. 

Lo-Fi New Age meditations for all us on a shoestring budget!


— Jacob An Kittenplan