“Dwayyo” C60
"Evirare" C37
(Sara Laughs)

On Dwayyo, two fevered violinists bow a pine tree’s worth of rosin across their strings as they screech, scratch, agitate, and occasionally draw out a pure, sonorous vibration, intermittently and in tandem, for half an hour straight. One side acoustically, the other with electronic amplification. For the noise junkie, this cacophony will scratch some serious itches. For the harmony lover, well, they’re not gonna have a very good time with this one.


Rosemary Krust
Side A: Hyper-amnesiac fights off demons with a clarinet whilst the keepers (of said demons) attempt to break in through the garbage disposal. There is always a war on, somewhere, right? In time, pipes and emotional reserves burst, the jig is up; at least there will be calm.

Side B: Rich & bassy, electrocuted guitar moans cut through shrill feedback and blown-out microphones. Distant deaf drum kit blindly leads the rhythm-free melée. Do not get distracted by the human vocal cords! Are those sirens? Organ drones climb up from squeaky floor boards as the sun runs away in slow motion. Dependable fader.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan