EDITH THOMAS FUREY “Sleep Well, My Love”
(Valley Heat Records)

I must say, right from the git, this is an impressive offering. Nice artwork, download card, sticker amd note from the label. No let-down either as side one strikes up with “Saturday.” Off kilter synth and layers make for an interesting opening track. Next up is “Sunday’-oh!-I see what’s going on here…there are vocals albiet buried on this one with more of what must be umteen layers of synth. Nonetheless, still appealing and compelling. I hear eighties pop bands and Roxy Music all over this tape with a dash of Eno’s more ambient work for good measure.

I should say this is an ep and this third selection is the last on side one. More of the same layering and tasteful use of electronics. Somebody knows what they’re doing here though I do wish I could decipher the vocals. Let’s flip it over and see what’s happening on side two.

“Tuesday” opens and comes at you full force. More vocals I can’t understand and more layered synths. It’s a nice sound they have and anyone wh has ever recorded numerous multi-tracks knows how hard it is to mix down. They’ve done well here-and that’s assuming they wanted the vocals in the mud. The  remaining tracks; “Wednesday,” (which surprisingly offers more energy and discernable vocals) is the standout track on this ep; and “Riverrun” which also has the vocals mixed up above the instrumentation round out this ep nicely and show much promise for this outfit from Australia. At last the lyrics are discernable and these closers show a little more energy than the remainder of the tape.

All in all, there is much promise here and some really good music as wel. Oh yeah, I scrambled the download code in the photo so don’t even try it…


-- Robert Richmond