“Separate Places” C18

Baltimore, MD’s Surhoff follow in the footsteps of many a great hollerin’ emo/pop-punk band from the mid-late nineties. Clairmel, Superchunk, & Braid come to mind immediately, though a slew of other Chicago and Gainesville acts share similar enough tones & hooks, as well as that very same purposefully devil-may-car, off-kilter vocal delivery. This music is always best blasted loud, or live, in someone (else’s!) living room or basement. Damn this stuff is bringing me back! 

If you didn’t like smelly armpits, arm-in-arm circle pits, horn-rimmed glasses, yelping, vegan chili dogs at Food Not Bombs, or sharpie marker patches a few decades ago, this might not appeal to you much, but it’s undeniably catchy, unself-conscious, pure, and lovely for the rest of us.

Let these folx sleep on your floor!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan