ALBERT DEMUTH / THOT AUDIT “Albert Demuth / Thot Audit” C41 (Self-Released)

Starting off pointedly vulnerable, this split between family & friends gradually shifts from attempted Berman-replacement alt/folk to late 90s psych/garagerock, in a series of explicitly more and more novel steps, adding and then tweaking tremolo pedals, echo, and, later, heavily delayed synth pads. While the centered genre is alt-country, the real recurrence is consistent effects/dynamics exploration*, which will make every listener wonder: Could (parts of) this be pulled off live, were the audience not drop-dead quiet? How much could one possibly even adhere to the recorded blueprint?

This split needs to be played at max comfort/safe volume to get what it’s offering, but it takes a few tracks (and/or repeated listens) to really latch on. The overall gestalt might leave songwriters with more questions than answers. No bones about it, though, the artwork is fucking KIL-LER and worth the price of admission alone!


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*Angel Marcloid lending a pretty powerful accent here & there?