OBSEQUIES / THE ELECTRIC NATURE “Obsequies / The Electric Nature” C20 (Lurker Bias)

Talk about polar opposites. Obsequies fill their half of this tape, “Blood on Metal,” with heavily echoed and mournful vocals, accompanied only by what sounds like a guitar pick scratching strings and other diffuse warbles. At times chanted, at times ethereal, “Blood on Metal” really does get past the epidermis and threatens to jar the whole body it’s connecting loose. Which, of course, is what the Electric Nature does on their side, “Lungrakes,” flipping that restraint on its head with a maelstrom of psych bombast. Staking its territory with a couple minutes of controlled march, Michael Potter’s outfit suddenly blooms like the offspring of Sleep and Tonstartssbandht, pummeling their instruments until the groove is ripping off that epidermis and the blood is spattering all over the metal, the heavy metal, ya know?

Two sides, one goal: total focus. You’ve got mine.