REPULSAR “Repulsar at Remer” C30 (Stucco)

“Bob Deified” begins Repulsar at Remer with a looped sample of The Arm saying “Wow, BOB, wow,” from Twin Peaks. It’s sampledelic chaos from there. Then there’s “No Devil God Knits War,” which is a backward rendition of the skunk-rock track “Raw Stink Dog Lived On.” It comes before “Raw Stink Dog Lived On,” so you’re disoriented FIRST, then treated to the forward motion of the tune. Perfect! “Deified Bob” is actually sort of jazzy in frontward alignment, The Arm’s intonation of “Wow, BOB, wow” virtually unchanged from “Bob Deified” (because, you know, palindromes).

Also because, this:

Though Sasquatch outnumber humans 500 to one, Bigfoot sightings are still a rare occurrence. Why? The elusive Sasquatch are multi-dimensional creatures with the ability to phase in and out of time. When one is spotted, they move backwards to a time before the encounter and hide to avoid detection. Repulsar has composed music for Sasquatch appealing to their ability to move back and forth in time.

Sasquatch feel safe when they hear backwards sounds. Thus, the music on Repulsar at Remer sounds the same backwards as it does forwards. This is a quasi-live album taken from a campfire concert at the Chippewa National Forest near Remer, MN… the self-proclaimed “Home of Bigfoot.”

Even though this sounds crazy, it ain’t half bad! I enjoyed it thoroughly, which, coupling the concept with the cover art, I was not expecting in the slightest.