WEAVING “S/T Tape” C23 (Self-Released)

Austin TX’s Weaving’s “S/T Tape” is a smorgasbord of varying instrumental ditties ranging from psyched out ragas* to Moondog homages** to spacerock jamz to trippy hip-hop beats to avant-classical clarinet lullabies, these all wrought via commanding use of electric guitar, keys, drum machine/hand percussion, and with an arresting employment of virtuosic reed playing sprinkled here & there for good measure. 

It all comes across like a diverse instrumental mixtape with a good-vibed spacing out in mind. If you listen to nothing else, be sure to catch “Martin Moondog” (side A: 4:33), cz it’s pretty fuckin’ rad!




—Jacob An Kittenplan

*think Sir Richard Bishoop’s more spacey amblings

**replete with frog pond atmospherics!!!!