SEWNSHUT “Sewnshut” C30 (self-released)

Did Norwegian one-dude post-rock artist Sewnshut listen to a lot of netlabel stuff back in the early internet MP3 boom years? I’m talking peak blog era, mid-2000s, when anybody could release anything digitally – and this was even before Bandcamp. Some of my favorites were Lost Children and Laridae, and there were others too, but I can’t think of their names. Sewnshut, aka Lasse Kausland, would have fit perfectly on Lost Children. Melancholy instrumental vibes, deep inner turmoil, release through euphony. Still the best way to get to the bottom of what ails you, if you ask me. These eight tunes are perfect for headphones and rainy days, micro-movements to catalog the details of your troubles to. But in tape form, not MP3s – what do you think this is, an iPod blog? (Well, the MP3s are available too, but think of them as an added bonus to the lovely physicality of the tape itself.)