R. MCLAUGHLIN “Confines” C57 (KMAN 92.5)

Just barely remaining within the “Confines" of spacious sonority, KMAN 92.5 head honcho, R. McLaughlin, continuously hop-scotches the line between either casting tightly-wound & complex polyrhythmic webs or wildly floating loosely syncopated strings, each synthesizer-web/string (four layers, minimum, per track) being continuously dynamically tweaked and yet still staying distinct in their timbre/sustain/rhythm/groovability from all the others. What’s more, RM's constantly shifting panning and mixing of said bewildering weave remains so meticulous throughout, it’s hard to tell exactly where the ebbs and flows are even headed at any given time; Maximum engagement achieved!

At low volume, it’s a fuzzy wash of mostly-beatless* electronica, but with the volume cranked up, a teeming underbelly of movement springs to life and drags the ear into a jet stream of mesmerizing, interlocking textures and patterns. Pretty fuckin’ rad stuff here!


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*if not semi-Múmish, during passsages when percussion does pass through