BLOOD RHYTHMS “Heuristics" C69 (Personal Archives)

"A heuristic technique, or a heuristic, is any approach to problem solving or self-discovery that employs a practical method that is not guaranteed to be optimal, perfect or rational, but which is nevertheless sufficient for reaching an immediate, short-term goal."

    ~W. Iccapedia

Fitting name for these Arvo Zylo études, excavated from his bountiful catacombs, dated back from 2K-2K15, all of which are fast & loose, raw & dirty, unhinged and unadulterated. There’s an Evangelista-esque psalm, a (relatively) sleepy ambient vignette, a scary story, a KMFDMish-guitar-led shred sesh and a slew of other dusty artifacts that all fit fairly well together in their (dark) spirit of exploration and atmospheric command.


—Jacob An Kittenplan