JEF MERTENS “The Only Music I Ever Recorded” (Dadaist Tapes)

Lifted from the site:

"Dadaist Tapes is a tape project discouraging product sales by making each tape available for free in an edition of 25, funded by a monthly cycling allowance to work. free downloads."

Translation: When these limited run tapes are available, they’re free to order (though I can only assume shipping’ll cost ya?), so you’re gonna hafta check in constantly to see if you can grab one before they’re outta there.

This specific tape (already “non-sold out”) by Jef Mertens documents some simple, contemplative electric guitar strumming improvisations (and a passing chime or two) that sounds a whole helluva lot like late 90s instrumental emo bridges segueing between cathartic/melodramatic belting/hollerings. It’s a pleasant atmospheric jaunt, but nothing groundbreaking like what you’ll find on JM’s bandcamp page if you click to watch the video for “Nyack”*, though I’d strongly discourage this if you’re even mildly epileptic.


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*doo iit!