SKYMINDS “Shapes & Traces” C40 (Internal Rhythm)

Skyminds’ sophomore full length, “Shapes & Traces”, finds the SF Bay Area duo continuing to blend a diverse array of acoustic strings & hand percussion with cosmic synths & smooth, groovy bass (& saucy hi-hats & pretty piano lines & sleepy flutes & bright dulcimer &&&) to form a unique hybrid beast of psychedelic indie-strumentals and spacey devotionals that defy all genres. Though there are familiar hints of the trippier sides of Yo La Tengo, Sea & Cake, & Akron/Family sprinkled throughout, Skyminds’ arrangements are far lusher, interlocking, and, at times, almost chaotic in their overloaded output. 

At low volume it’s study music with a swagger, but at max volume, it’s a rollicking journey!


—Jacob An Kittenplan