INNER TRAVELS “Nature Spirit” C40 (Inner Islands)

In just over a half-decades’s time, and over a dozen and a half releases, Wisconsin’s Inner Travels has trekked across many (if not all) of New Age’s sub-sub-strains, and, with “Nature Spirit”, out on Inner Islands, it may be safe to say that Steve Targo has dreamt up his most centering, beatific release to date.

Across three tracks, IT* calmly guides our mind’s ear through confidences of crisply executed field recordings** that stretch well into our subconscious as Halpernian anti-riff after eye-surrendering anti-riff of reverb-drenched glockenspiel/chime runs and sunshine-doused synth-pad washes each take turns un-hooking us from any semblance of movement or melody, untethering us from any likeness of compositional scaffold and expectation…and, ultimately, anxiety.

This is capital-H “HEALING” stuff, and is truly, absolutely perfect for unwinding after a very long day/life.


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*the exact antonym for that scary clown, in fact!

**that would be well worth listening on their own!