"Von Bargen" C20
(Baby Tooth Records)

Carbon Canyon are a 4 piece instrumental post-rock band from Tucson, Arizona. The angle that sets them most apart from others in their genre is the fact that they have not one but TWO bass players, which’ll probably stand out more in a live setting that it does recorded, but, suffice it to say, the sound is notably heavier, and, yes, it does sound much better with the volume cranked up. Think of a less trebly Maserati and a more upbeat Ghosts & Vodka.

For me, the most stand out parts of the album are the all too short intro and criminally underexplored outro, where the book-ending swaths of feedback (from the guitar and one of the bass players) dance around each other whilst the other bass player keeps a low key pulse. The space created is very engaging, and I’ll bet a real beast to try & pull off live.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan