"In the Heart of Solitude" C38
(Constellation Tatsu)

Forget breathing “New Life” into an instrument, Stuart Chalmers has taken Laraaji’s cult classic, cosmic-zither aesthetic, and expanded the lungs wide enough for a whole other world to drift right on in there. Themes haze & meld along Primordial beginnings, Call & Response spirit fights; Oh, the Light, Ahh the Dark, Owe the Other…

It’s all concentrated here and innovatively fleshed out, even further/unexpectedly, by a righteously tweaked/abused toy recorder’s natural feedback and some creative tape manipulation/time-fuckery that make and take this outta your “yet-another-spacey-auto-harp-new-age-album” and send it into the “tripped-le-fuck-out-soundtracks-for-dying-star-worshippers realm” that I’ve been waiting-without-knowing-for, for years.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan