(Shadowtrash Tape Group)

We have more a whimper than a bang. In fact, my coffee maker drowns out the first minute or so and I have to start over-once coffee is firmly in hand of course. The second time through is no different. A slowly building ambience of noises.
Various noises-some familiar, others not so.

There is no indication of track breakdown. It is apparently all "Terraforms," a soundscape that rolls and builds, then fades and transforms. I used to have an uncle down in Oklahoma. When he heard a car approach, he would go to the bathroom, brush his teeth, get a bag of snacks from the kitchen and then great his guests. Dust is like that, taking you down multiple side roads and blue highways to reach its destination. It's a lovely view along the way, just sit back and enjoy...

A word about Shadowtrash Tape Group. After examining heir web store, you find they have a good number of releases and even offer a tape "of the month" club. Interesting stuff. Well worth checking Into.

-Bob Zilli