ROSE "Exile" C31 (Constellation Tatsu)

There are several street performers in downtown San Francisco who make a living by beating the ever-loving shit out of various empty paint buckets and empty liquor bottles with drumsticks. Just to come near one is a sonic adventure, in itself, as their echoes can be heard from blocks away, those tribal rhythms bouncing off dozens and dozens of buildings, parking garages, buses, & the like, all intermingling with the stops & starts of heavy traffic, pedestrian marches & chatters, various barroom jukeboxes, sirens & the faint boom of distant airport traffic & trains. The hustle & bustle itself was already rhythmic, but this explicit pulse adds an element of purpose to the chaos that bewitches and entrances.

In this way, I have come to not only accept the 4/4 metronomic bass* that snakes in & out of this album’s thriving-metropolis-dense atmospheres, but I can deeply appreciate its support in accenting the otherwise blissful mayhem**.

Fanfuckingtastic for headphone-hiking in rural and urban spots alike, though the results will certainly differ widely.

*an infamous beat I usually dread like a clown on the front porch at midnight)
**y’know, as far as ambient-drone soundscapes go


-- Jacob An Kittenplan