SCALLIWAGS “Spring of 1938 EP”
(Auris Apothecary)

This is another beautifully packaged release from Bloomington Indiana’s Auris Apothecary label. It is a blue cassette in a nice stitched bag with colorful, vintage looking graphics and a classy clear snap closure. The liner notes are on thick cardstock with a pearlescent gloss. I expect nothing less from this label with their creative and thought provoking releases. The album itself could be longer, with three songs, which are repeated on Side B, but it is overall an extremely pleasant listen. The single microphone recording of what sounds like a group of friends exercising their musical chops together on a lazy afternoon. While this folksy, sincere, achingly heartfelt music is not really my style I couldn’t help but be caught up and enjoying immensely listening to this cassette. I listened to it three times on my lunch break and felt calmed by it. I would definitely recommend this release.

- - Jeremiah Paddock.