"For Our Blessed Ignoble Dead"
(Halfshell Records)

Points right out of the box for the neat enclosed lyric booklet, additional points as this tape is a benefit for Syrian refugees-nice on to the goods.  This eight song collection jumps at you right from the start with a sonic kick in the groin. Nixon Tooth are a two-piece, with Mohammed Grout handling guitar and vocals. And what vocals they are. Grout sounds like Human Switchboard on acid with a side dish if Jonathan Richmond. This is not to imply it's bad-anything but. In a world if sound alike a, this combo stands out, especially as it's a two-piece. These guys are two left turns and a foxhole away from your usual White Stripes copycat bands.
I can't put my finger on it exactly, but suffice to say it's an Acoutic guitar being tirtured with Grout's voice as the mouthpiece.

Side one has four tracks (as does the reverse) and they go by fast. Personal favorites are the opener and closer-"Won't Let It" and "Things Death Taught Us" and eagerly I flip the tape for the conclusion. Pretty much more of the same with the standout here titled "Phil Ochs."

The tape comes with a download card and is a numbered limited edition. Mine is 3/20. Don't get me wrong, this is a refreshing outfit with a good dose of acoustic punk. If that sounds like your thing, by all means check it out.

-Bob Zilli