"Projekt” C40
(Other Electricities)

Disembodied ghosts of electro-pop tropes haunt this 0.666 hour long tape, never quite letting Dino Felipe get away with an otherwise half-mellow/half-tense collection of noisy, ambient, modular synth-based collages. The only two tracks that’d qualify as having your standard “song” structure are pretty damn great (think Caribou meets Fursaxa with a li’l twist of Bjork), and the vast stretches of dream-like sequences between prove both engaging and disorienting and well worth their salt. If you do nothing else, I highly suggest listening to the opening track, loudly and/or with headphones. The mixing is meticulous and fanfuckingtastic! This ain’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t think of anything better to let the mind loosely meander to whilst working with your hands.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan