DON'T "Forget It" EP

This is certainly a gift.  Not only is it a pop/punk, which I'm partial to-but this collective is from my stomping ground where you learn by the toughest rules. That said, this is a tape EP by Don't titled "Forget It." Don't forget it, get it!  Four songs-"Ambiguous," "Your Neck," "Gold & Glowing," and "Your Head." Mike Dutkewych did an excellent job recording this bunch as did David J with the mixing and mastering. All around, a very well recorded presentation.

But I'm starting backwards working my way forward. It's unclear who wrote, or for that matter who sings these songs, but all four tracks are exceptional with the lead-off cut "Ambiguous" being the Premium head turner(as it should be.) The band: Asia Ma, Jared Sparkes, Julia Fisher and Nick German shine throughout as I find myself listening over and over, wishing this were album length.

I wish I knew who did what, but alas, such is the tape world. In any event, this is an incredible collection by a stunning group. Can't wait to hear more from this bunch.

-- Bob Zilli