"Sunsets & Night Sweats" C46
(Baby Tooth Records /
Commercial Appeal Records)

Everything you’ve ever loved about upbeat jangle-pop (think the Cure or Psychedelic Furs) has been culled, distilled, and, dare I say it, improved upon by this Tuscson quintet. Dirt Friends’ two guitar players have chemistry for daaaaaays & their unceasingly complimentary playing, along with the in-the-pocket bass & drumming make this one rock solid psych/pop album that’ll never get old. The vocals, themselves, are the perfect blend of Robert Smith and Richard Butler’s impassioned, unapologetic, full-to-fried throatedness. This shit was already brilliant, & then they threw in a few piano riffs out of nowhere to seal the deal. If you enjoy noodle-heavy indie rock, this tape has your name written all over it.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan