"Reinventing the Tire" C41
(Haord Records)

Not gonna lie. Totally fucking hated this tape the first two times I listened. Granted, I wasn’t focusing. And I was doing other things. Girlfriend even told me to turn it off, once. Given she was pissed & couldn’t find socks (she’d hidden from herself), blaming delinquency on me. Wasn’t me. Nope.

Third time was better. Wore headphones, sat down next to a lit candle at day’s end. Thought about Of Montreal and Enon and a best friend of mine I’d always hated the demos of and I hope he’s okay. Is creativity-4-creativityz sake under-or-over-rated?

Fourth time now. Not too shabby AKA not bad AKA if you’re willing to give it a real shot like man I mean really listen and not just like don’t focus on the lack of low end presence or blatant disregard of falsetto tonal relativity yeah it’s actually not terrible or insulting or shite or boring or even worthy of setting fire to the physical copy of. Nope.

Hell, maybe I’d even allude you might administer some half-dozen fair shakes, systematically spreading apart said shakes, as to open the mind up to disappointment, acceptance, and, finally, good ol’ fashioned resourcefulness, so far as entertainment v. personal growth be concerned.

Might proffer a link below, just for gits & shiggles. Be warmed.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan