“Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum” C45
(Scioto Records)

The first dubbing of this remarkable organic drone tape had been sold out for a while now, but the good folx over at Scioto knew they owed it to the masses to give us another chance to get in on this action so they churned out a second round; don’t sleep!

…Or Do, maybe, take a half-nap within the audio-cradle of this beatless beast, if you’re gonna listen to it on Bandcamp right now to better make up your mind. No way to regret it. These three women, armed with mandolin/violin, hammer dulcimer, and accordion must have some sort of musical telepathy or something because they were not only able to, live, improvise all of this in two days with their acoustic instruments, tame the timbres of said unwieldy harmonies, and THEN hear through the heavy drone processing that their organic signals were sent through, and THEN sync up like goddamn wizards or something to feed off one another’s harmonious textures and sways, shimmerings & glistenings, thick hums & trebly sparkles…it is truly magical. If you love ambient-drone music, this is an absolute must-listen, at several volumes, and in several different settings. It may very well be a perfect tape! Don’t sleep!


—Jacob An Kittenplan