“Organ” C34
(Self Sabotage Records)

Tired of performing under the former monicker “Two Gals, a Guy, & a Piezo Plays”*, Lisa Cameron (percussion), R. Lee Dockery (double bass), & Daniel Hipólito (tapes) explore the myriad meanings of the homonym, “organ”, improvising a varied array of noisy, ambient soundscapes that could easily be interpreted as flesh-made-sound, five disparate representations of what our ceaselessly toiling inner-mechanisms might sound like throughout the day. I’d chalk such chemistry up to the camaraderie between the trio, as there are ZERO out of place tones to be heard; only elements that not only add to one another but amplify each other, ten-fold. This is some serious professional drone-improv craftsmanship that won’t get old any time soon.

—Jacob An Kittenplan

*I kid, I kid. This is just a one-off/send-off between good pals is all.