“Volumes 1 and 2” C90
(Friendship Tapes)

Each member of The Much Quintet plays, but is not limited to, cello, piano, electric lutes of varying string-thicknesses, and woody/windy/bellowed keyboard-like instruments. They each also play in lock-fucking-step with one another; as in, for improv, this is diiialed-in. Both “Volumes 1 and 2” capture the intimate-bond/magic of deep-listening while jamming along W-I-T-H all your good buds, not a single note stepping on any other note’s foot or anything, each lick simply supporting all the others in ego-less grace. Amidst chaos and faux-stumbles, TMQ waft warm wisps of melody in & out of an otherwise deceptively consonant cacophony. Pretty rad!


—Jacob An Kittenplan