“Multum in Parvo” C51
(Blue Tapes)

Todd Barton utilizes an Epoch Modular Benjolin and Buchla Music Easel to plot strobing flurries and palpably vacuous swaths of sound-points for your left and right ears to concertedly map out betwixt ‘em and t’s hard not to feel like this isn’t some kind of lab-tested means for making both brain hemispheres cooperate with each other in order to parse out these otherwise acoustically unachievable patterns, timbres, and dynamics. 

At times, it’s an all-out bombardment of percussion-gone-static, and others, it’s a solo nine-days-wandering, coming-of-age passage; “Multum in Parvo” should prove a serious treat for those sound-sculptor fanatics out there who don’t need brute force to feel pushed to their limits.


—Jacob An Kittenplan