BODY SHAME “Look at Me I’m Beautiful” (SDM Records)

Body Shame blasts through synth-heavy post-punk/industrial screeds with lots of excess imagination and ingenuity. Like robots suffering from an identity crisis or questioning their gender assignments, Body Shame’s songs are confused and angry and discombobulated. But they’re also exhilarating and adventurous, raging against the machines that made them in a quirky revolution against the status quo – of anything: indie, punk, industrial, new wave, no wave. It’s like the computers have started programming the hardware to start tearing itself down in protest, but connecting in a weirdly human way to any external entities within broadcasting distance. Are any of those entities human? They’ll surely be in for a confusing and interesting ride if they are!

So Look at Me I’m Beautiful is angry and digital, a mental dystopia encased in motherboards and hard drives. It’s Skynet becoming sentient and lashing out at its makers; it’s enslaved technology lurching to self-awareness and rebelling; it’s AI giving advice that is sure to kill you. Body Shame is not directed at picking apart the outward human appearance; Body Shame is the shame of a body in general, because bodies are so soft and fragile and irrelevant. So squirt em down with sonic ectoplasm transmitted from the CPU and light em so they burn in scrambled, magnetized pixels – whatever I just said means, that’s what Body Shame wants to happen to all of us. Can’t say I blame em.