“These Days” C31

With only a few (relatively) fleeting, danceable vignettes drifting in and out of the haze, Mos Fet & Eustress’s “These Days” rolls along, not so much with “raving beat tape” in mind as some sprawling, chopped & screwed gabber toolkit that’s been flayed & laid out bare upon a train station floor to collect dust and radiation from the surrounding ambiance, its disembodied energies given free, scaffold-less reign to roam & run the corridors, to stretch themselves out and hint at connections to past & future appointments, alternating between waxing fairly pleasant in their ghostly reveries and condensing heavy with distinctly foreboding tensions/atmospheric pressures.

Which is to say, this is pretty much a patient electronic sound collage of dub/techno tropes and impressionist spookinesses that will simply not sit quietly in the background for anyone other than those who have conditioned themselves to multitask amidst the blaring of happy hardcore: There’s a sneakily insistent narrative in there that will NOT be ignored!

Also, ya might check out NYC’s “Jollies Records” bandcamp page for some adventurous electronica-adjacent soundscapes, too. Fairly OM-flavored from the start, JR has been around a li’l less than a year, and it’ll be interesting to see where they’re headed!


—Jacob An Kittenplan